Where every child has an
individualized program to call their own.

Group 1
Girls 5-11 Boys 5-9

Group 1Girls 5-11 Boys 5-9

All around smiles for kids who face physical and communication obstacles.

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Group 2
Girls 5-11 Boys 5-9

Group 2Girls 5-11 Boys 5-9

Leaps of progress for kids with budding verbal and behavioral skills.

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Group 3
Boys 7-9

Group 3Boys 7-9

Exploration and teamwork for boys, centered around building social skills.

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Group 4
Girls 6-15

Group 4Girls 6-15

Days of friendship and adventure for fully-cognitive, medically-fragile children.

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Group 5
Girls 17+

Group 5Girls 17+

A summer of discovery and cultivating independence for teens in our TC program.

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Let your child experience
all the joys of summer camp

At Camp Levavi your child can
experience summer as you know it,
with an extra focus on fun.

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Field Trips









Farm Animals


...and continue to grow
by leaps and bounds

Summer should be a time of progress. Mornings at Camp Levavi are devoted to:

  • Classes led by teachers who understand your child's needs
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Shiurim

...in a camp with a heart.

Life-long connections are formed at Camp Levavi. Campers get to meet new friends who are just like them, and counselors who truly care.

Meet your child's home away from home.

Our state-of-the-art campsite is structured around providing your child with a wholesome and safe summer.

  • Wheelchair
  • Infirmary
  • Heated pool
  • Private lake
  • Music room
  • Sports fields
  • Multi-sensory
  • Therapeutic
  • Relaxation
  • Play-room


Camp Levavi

I sent my son to Camp Levavi to have a good time. What I didn't expect was a changed child by the end of the summer. Eli has become much more communicative and connected to the world around him.

Eli's Father

Rivky didn't just grow a few inches taller at Camp Levavi, she also grew into a much more focused child. My daughter's school called me in September to tell me that they don't recognize her - her progress over the summer was tremendous.

Rivky's Mother

My son Sruli has many sensory challenges. He left home refusing to wear long sleeve shirts. I was amazed when Sruli came back from camp gladly wearing long sleeves. I owe this transformation to his amazing camp counselor and therapists.

Sruli's Mother