Leadership Team

Levavi administrators work year-round to ensure a perfect summer for your child. Our leadership team is comprised of individuals with a background in special-ed, who are passionate about making sure all your child's needs are met.

Mr. AJ Greenwald,
Executive Director
Mrs. Rivky Herman LMHC,
Ms. Ruchelle Weingarten,
Mrs. Ruchy Bergman,
Staff Director

Medical Team

Safety is a priority at Camp Levavi. We have a dedicated medical team devoted to accommodating campers' complex medical needs, administering medication, and facilitating prompt treatment, should any medical event arise. On-site medical professionals include our dedicated medical director, EMT, and registered nurse. If off-site medical care is necessary, transportation is provided and children are accompanied off-site by staff members. Our medical team additionally provides training and ongoing guidance for your child's counselor - to allow for cohesive medical care.

Education Department

Summer is a time of progress at Camp Levavi. Morning activities revolve around each child's goals derived from their IEP/IESP. Speech, OT, and PT are provided individually and applied in group activities.


Our loving counselors devote their summer to helping campers blossom. They undergo intensive training prior to camp and are encouraged to meet campers and parents before the summer.